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Industries That May Not Realize They Need a Food Handler Certification

June 1, 2020
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Taking courses to achieve a Texas food handler certification is commonplace in the hospitality and service industry. However, restaurants and bars aren’t the only establishments that benefit from the knowledge that a food handler certification represents.

Why Does a Food Handler Card Matter?

Food handler certifications have been a requirement within several industries that work with:

Food handler certification courses like ours help prevent the spread of deadly cross-contamination, improve the sanitation of food-serving establishments, and keep employees and consumers safe.

Safety is the key, and without the knowledge absorbed in a certification course, your employees could make a mistake that costs you and your business dearly.

Here’s a closer look at some of the industries that have employees who may not realize that getting certified could help save the lives of someone they are servicing.


Nursing Homes

From in-room food deliveries to the management of a full-fledged kitchen, nursing homes are an industry that definitely requires employees to become certified. The tenants within these walls are some of the most susceptible to contracting a virus.

Therefore, handling their food with responsibility is essential. Learn the skills necessary to prevent the spread of diseases like salmonella with the help of Certified On The Fly.


Food Transport and Distribution

Even though most of the jobs in these positions don’t involve the service aspect of food handling, essential safety steps should still be followed. Without proper training, handling, and hygiene, it’s very possible that goods arriving at a service location could already be contaminated.



Food handler certification has a broad spectrum of industries that it covers. Nurseries are proof! Keeping the staff and babies safe in a nursery is just as important and delicate a task as serving food in a nursing home.

Diseases and viruses can easily be spread through utensils that are used to serve participating babies their meals. A food handler certification course allows nursery workers to understand the necessary steps towards appropriate storage and handling procedures when it comes to the equipment used to prepare and serve food at their locations.



This may seem like a strange bedfellow for getting food handler certified. However, you’d be surprised at how often the retail industry handles food that’s distributed to the public. Stores like IKEA that have actual food services available to the public and Sam’s Club, which frequently hand out free samples quickly prove why a food handler certification is necessary in the retail industry.

By keeping customers safe through sanitary food handling practices, these stores can continue to offer extra branches of revenue while also maintaining the trust of their valued consumer base.


Get Food Handler Certified Fast With Certified On The Fly

Certified On The Fly is an online certification course for Texas food handler cards. We allow your employees to take their time absorbing the information, and even let them pause their studies should a work-related responsibility arise.

Our program is affordable and doesn’t require an excused absence. Register online today to get certified, fast.

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