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Summer Cleaning Tips for Commercial Kitchens

June 29, 2023
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Summer is here, and that’s a great opportunity to get your restaurant or hotel kitchen in top shape for the coming seasonal crowds. A clean and well-organized commercial kitchen not only ensures health and safety for your customers, but will boost your kitchen staff’s morale and productivity.

Here are essential summer cleaning tips for your commercial kitchen.


Declutter Kitchen and Organize

You’ll want to start by removing any expired food from your pantry, broken equipment from the kitchen floor, and any other unnecessary items taking up space in your kitchen. Donate anything in good enough condition and simply discard the rest.

Next, organize your remaining equipment and supplies. Use that space you freed up to create zones for different tasks, streamlining your workflow and increasing your efficiency.

Proper storage is key to maintaining a clean kitchen. Make sure all food is stored at the proper temperature, labeled and dated. This helps with food waste and prevents cross-contamination, not to mention helping you follow the law.


Sanitize Kitchen with a Thorough Deep Clean

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and deep clean your kitchen. A deep clean is a crucial and sometimes enjoyable key to maintaining safety and cleanliness.

Clean and sanitize all surfaces, including floors, walls, and ceilings. Use a heavy-duty cleanser to remove that buildup of grease, grime and dirt. Then move on to your equipment: ovens, stovetops, refrigerators and dishwashers.

Don’t forget to clean behind and underneath your equipment, which we often overlook or forget.

Now that your kitchen is organized and thoroughly cleaned, it’s essential to sanitize. Eliminate all harmful bacteria and germs using a food-safe sanitizer on all surfaces, equipment or utensils that come into contact with food.


Train Your Staff

Your staff should be well-trained in proper hygiene and cleaning practices. This includes washing hands frequently, cleaning and sanitizing equipment and surfaces, and proper food storage. If your staff has lapsed Texas Food Handlers certifications, it’s a great time to get those taken care of.

Texas Food Handler certificates are valid for 2 years. After it expires, your staff must complete an accredited course like Certified On The Fly again and be issued a new certificate.

Certified On The Fly offers the fastest online food handler program in Texas and there’s no quizzes or test, as the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) doesn’t require them. Employers can also register for a free account to better manage employee certifications.


Schedule Regular Cleaning

Develop and publish a cleaning schedule. Make sure it is followed consistently. This way you maintain a clean and safe kitchen year-round. It’s important to schedule routine maintenance on your equipment, including replacing filters, cleaning ducts and vents, and check for any damage or signs of wear. It’s equally essential to keep up with a daily cleaning schedule to prevent any buildups.


Hire Professional Cleaners

If you haven’t got the time to properly clean your commercial kitchen, don’t despair. You always have the option of hiring a professional cleaning company. They have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right, and they care about having well-trained crews and take pride in their work just as you do. There is no harm in a job well done, however you accomplish it.


Squeaky Clean Summer

A clean, safe kitchen is essential to the success of your endeavor, and when you’re done with the summer clean it can almost feel like a brand new place!

Following these tips will ensure your kitchen is ready for the upcoming season. You’ll love the feeling of pride you will take in your kitchen when it’s clean, safe and organized. Just save time to get your team certified with Certified On The Fly, your number one local destination for food and beverage certification.

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