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How to Prevent the Cold or Flu From Overtaking Your Restaurant

June 16, 2020
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With so much buzz about health issues like the Flu and Coronavirus circling the news, it’s no wonder that the foodservice industry wants to ensure their locations are free of illness. While washing hands and other hygienic practices are essential, there are other effective ways that airborne illnesses can be prevented at your establishment.

Getting Texas food handler certified can help you and your employees get a grasp on some of the best practices to keep your employees and guests safe this flu season. Here are some quick tips you can use while preparing to sign up new employees for certification with Certified On The Fly.


Put Hand Washing Signs Up

Hand washing should be one of the biggest sanitation priorities amongst your employees. After all, sicknesses like the flu and colds can easily spread from hand, to plate, then to patron. It’s a good idea to host general staff meetings about flu season practices, post some signs around the backend of your restaurant reminding employees to wash their hands.

Placing these signs above sinks is the best spot for them to get noticed. Making the colors vibrant and content in loud fonts will help catch the eye of employees going about their business and will remind them to wash their hands before leaving any sink of the restaurant.


Make Your Sick Policy Concrete

Now isn’t the time to become lax about your sick policy. Even if you hear employees say how worried they are about being unable to miss shifts, this is no excuse for allowing a sick worker to handle food. Even the early symptoms of an illness can quickly lead to dangerous levels of exposure.

Hold a meeting that informs your employees of your sick policy and hygienic practices and remind them that they are not optional.


Suggest Vaccinations

According to the CDC from 2018 to 2019, 42.9 million people contracted the flu. One of the easiest ways to avoid the virus is with an annual flu vaccine. You can’t force your employees to get flu vaccinations, but a nudge in the right direction isn’t a bad idea.

One of the biggest things that keeps people away from the vaccine, aside from social reasons, is time and money linked to getting the shot. If flu prevention is important to you as an owner, give your employees the option to get a shot at a scheduled time during a shift with you footing the bill.


Keep Your Kitchen in Order With Certified On The Fly

Flu prevention is essential to keeping your customers and employees safe and happy. Learn more about these tips and other safety information through the online food handler certification course Certified On The Fly offers.

Our online certification is affordable and sensitive to your time. Register online today!

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