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Deli Food Safety Tips

March 17, 2021
ruben sandwich

With spring break upon us, it’s a great time for those of you in the food service industry to freshen up on some lunchtime best practices, especially if you work in a deli.

While most restaurants have standard food safety rules to follow, delis are eateries that deal with some different types of regulations. Deli shoppes are popular places for eager foodies to pop into during lunch. So, make sure that yours is following the proper food safety standards.


Keep Your Display Safe

Delis are famous for having all of their meats and sandwich offerings behind a glass display case. However, even though the food is on display, an owner must ensure that hot foods stay hot, and cold foods stay cold. Food left out at improper temperatures is susceptible to becoming a magnet for bacteria.

Regularly check the temperature of your food display and ensure that both your refrigerated and hot cases perform without error. After all, from the time that you’ve put the food in the display to the moment a guest bites into their meal, the only thing protecting it from foodborne illness is the temperature.


Practice Safety With Your Slicer

Especially during a lunch rush, the chances are high that your slicer is in heavy rotation. Not only should you practice physical safety around your blade, but you should also take the necessary steps to prevent cross contamination.

Most modern slicers are designed to make food safety a priority with a removable knife. This makes it easy for you and your staff to keep your equipment clean between slicing.

Whether you have a slicer with a removable blade, space behind the blade for cleaning, or one that disassembles for cleaning, remember to keep a sterile blade your deli’s priority.


Always Wash Your Hands

This may seem like an obvious tip, however, it’s one we just can’t skip over. Deli owners and employees constantly craft with their hands. From slicing meat to piecing together a masterpiece of a sandwich, it’s imperative that you and your employees practice effective hand-washing techniques and follow other standard hygiene regulations.


Don’t Leave Hot Foods Out Too Long

Although your deli may be comfortable, leaving hot food out at room temperature is leaving it in the “danger zone” for rapid bacterial growth. If you must leave hot foods out of your display, make sure that hot foods are never kept out longer than two hours. Once the two hours hits, your food must either be refrigerated or tossed out because after that, it’s generally unsafe for consumption.


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