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Working With Someone Who Isn’t Yet Certified? Quick and Easy Food Handling Cheat Sheet

July 2, 2022

Some components of proper food handling are common sense. Others involve more specialized knowledge. Whether common sense or more complex, all the essential components you need to know are covered in your Texas Food Handlers course with Certified On The Fly.

There may be certain circumstances when you find yourself working with someone who isn’t certified. New employees are the most likely subjects, since the law allows 60 days from the start of employment to complete certification. For these circumstances, here is a quick and easy cheat sheet:



Wash your hands before, during, and after handling food. This one is especially important, so we’ll give it some extra attention.



Use different cutting boards and utensils for different food types. Each type of meat should have its own cutting board and utensils that are used only for that type of meat. Vegetables, fruits, and other food items should have cutting boards and utensils separate from that of any type of meat.



Ensure each food is cooked to the proper temperature for that type of food.



Once food is prepared, either keep at an appropriate warm temperature or keep it appropriately chilled.


Be sure to let new employees know how easy, fast, and cheap it is to finish their Food Handler Certification with Certified On The Fly. Sign up now!

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