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Tips for Creating a Positive Food Safety Culture

June 10, 2020
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Implementing a positive food safety culture that helps your food service business safely thrive may seem like an obvious move as a business owner. However, ensuring that your culture functions smoothly is easier said than done.

It’s easy for comfort to set in and food safety practices to slip up. Unfortunately, even just one mistake could be the one that leaves your business in shambles.

Now that businesses are back open in Texas, it’s time to revisit your food culture practices and ensure that everyone serving at your restaurant is up to speed on the latest Texas food handler requirements.


Maintain Strong Leadership

Remember, people will usually follow whatever their leadership practices. Therefore, the first person you’ll need to keep in check when it comes to food safety is you. If you aren’t practicing food safety to the “T,” then it becomes that much easier for your employees to become more lax on their practices.

As long as you stay up-to-date and consistent with your practices, you’ll be able to lead the way for a positive food culture that helps your establishment run smoothly.


Motivate Your Team to Stay Committed

Rather than hold threats above your employee’s heads, keep them accountable through positive reinforcement. Yes, it’s still essential to hold employees to your standards, but they will definitely respond better to a proactive, motivating system than the threat of a “talk” or worse looming over their actions.

Through regularly scheduled meetings or email updates with the latest information, you can easily keep communication lines wide open. When proactive action like this happens, your team is motivated to stay committed through their complete understanding of your food safety expectations.


Relieve Your Location of Excess Pressure

Your team could have all essential food safety measures in place, but with an understaffed shift, a rush of eager customers could lead to a dip in your food culture practices. Help keep your location stress-free by maintaining a consistently scheduled staff.

When your employees are able to remain calm, and aren’t flustered during a rush they will remain mindful of your establishments practices and hold each other accountable even through the busiest of shifts.


Ensure Proper Training is Given

Finally, make sure your staff is well-trained. If you’re following guidelines that are even a couple of years old, your food safety culture is outdated. Register your employees for an online course, hold update meetings, and create signage around your business that serve as constant reminders of your safety standards.


Create a Positive Food Safety Culture With Certified On The Fly!

One of the easiest ways to keep your employees in step with food safety culture is to keep their food handler’s certification up-to-date. Doing so with Certified On The Fly doesn’t even require your employees to leave their homes or abandon their work shifts. Our certification course is entirely online and allows registrants to work at their own pace and learn the latest information required of them in the industry.

Register today and find out why we are one of Texas’ most trusted food handler certification courses.

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