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Preparing and Selling To-Go Food During COVID-19

May 11, 2020
to-go burger

With about 75% of Americans home-bound due to stay-at-home orders, ‘tis the season for takeout. Thank heavens we haven’t lost that, too. While takeout avoids dangers associated with mingling among other humans, it does involve some special food safety concerns.

First of all, there are no recorded cases of COVID-19 spreading directly through food, so any fear about that can be put to rest. And of course, for your own safety if you’re delivering, avoid standing closer than six feet from the person you’re delivering to. Most people will be more than happy to have food left on the porch.

But it’s not directly about COVID-19, it’s about general food safety concerns with takeout, since takeout is more common than usual right now and probably being done by establishments that haven’t regularly done takeout in the past. Here are some general considerations:


Food Temperature


Food Cleanliness


Food Separation

If you still want more detail on Food Handler safety issues, check out our other blog entries here at Certified On The Fly!

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