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Hidden Perks of Having A Texas Food Handler Card

May 14, 2020
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For the bargain price of $9.99, plus whatever time you need, your Texas Food Handler certificate from Certified On The Fly gives you all the training you need to safely handle and serve food. That, in and of itself, is totally worth it.

However, once you’ve earned your Texas Food Handler card, you may as well get some other benefits out of it too. Being “officially certified” – in anything – gives you more credibility in just about any context. Here are some things you can truthfully say to boost your professional cred within the restaurant industry and beyond. Remember, you can say these things in verbal discussions, but you can also say them when describing your job history on a resume or application of any sort.


Not Just Anyone Can Do Your Job

Not just anyone can show up and work in the food service industry. Doing your job requires a variety of skills and attributes, and also a state certification. This is something to be proud of. Saying something along the lines of “Certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services” carries more weight than simply saying you wait tables or work in the kitchen.


You Can Multitask Better Than Most

Many people claim to be great at multitasking, but only a few can multitask well in the loud, fast-paced environment of the service industry. Your job requires you to remember and apply complex food safety requirements often while taking care of multiple customers, providing them with a great experience, and taking care of everything else that requires your attention during a shift. This is a skillset that should be highlighted. No matter how much you have to juggle, you’re just as responsible for serving safely when things are busy as when they’re are quiet. Make sure you give yourself credit for that.


You Stay On Top Of Your Game

As long as you’ve kept your certification current, you can point out that you’re not only certified, but you also “maintain up-to-date training and compliance” at all times.


You Know The Law

By keeping your Texas Food Handler certification up-to-date, you can confidently say that you know more about food safety than 99% of the people who enter your establishment. Being Texas Food Handler certified and a responsible worker requires more than just washing your hands. It requires to think on your feet and be proactive in keeping people safe. Make it clear that you have a proven ability to correctly apply safety standards to an extremely wide-range of different scenarios, and that you do this every shift, during the whole shift. As a food handler, you never know what you’re day is going to be like – you have to be ready to roll with the punches. Make sure they know that!


Getting your Food Handler certification with Certified On The Fly is pretty painless. Our online Texas Food Handler certification course is self-paced, meaning there’s no course timer prohibiting you from moving forward in the material. You can go as fast as you’d like, and your official Texas Food Handler certificate will be automatically emailed to you after you complete the course. Get Texas Food Handler certified today, and let us make it as easy as possible for you so you can get to work!

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