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6 Unexpected Foods That Could Cause the Summer Bummer

August 13, 2021
vanilla ice cream

Summer vacation is here for most of us and it’s time to overindulge in all of our favorite summer foods. However, at Certified On The Fly we know that while it’s always fun to dig into that ice cream or press a fresh juice drink, you’d be surprised at how high the threat of food poisoning is for several sunny delights.

Here’s a look at six summer treats that could result in unpleasant food poisoning if ill-prepared or poorly kept at your next barbecue.


Homemade Ice Cream

This is a rare one, but salmonella outbreaks have happened in the past with homemade ice cream. Salmonella can be found in eggs, and when used in ice cream, eggs are generally raw. So, if you’re unfortunate enough to make ice cream with a batch of infected eggs, be warned that a dangerous bout of salmonella could be in your near future.

In order to avoid this problem, we suggest using pasteurized eggs or egg substitutes in any cooking that runs the risk of starting a salmonella problem.



That medium rare burger may be tempting, but make sure that before you grind up your patties and form them that both your hands and cooking surfaces are pristine. The consistency of ground meat is an open door for bacteria to wind into its folds and grooves.

Although this bacteria is typically cooked off while grilling, even a relatively safe underdone burger could be the perfect storm for one unlucky patron.


Leafy Greens

Salads are a summer staple, but failing to wash your lettuce can result in exposure to E. coli and other illnesses. Although typically this issue is rare, it is something that can happen when lettuce  or other produce is rinsed in dirty water, exposed to utensil cross contamination, or is handled by someone who is sick.


Potato Salad

Many people know that potato salad is a common source of food-borne illness. Yet, it isn’t usually the mayonnaise in the salad that causes a nasty stomach problem. In fact, it’s the soft texture of the potatoes themselves that make this dish a sometimes summer bummer.

Without the proper food safety measures in place, cross contamination can occur or bacteria from a dirty countertop can worm its way into your core ingredient. Before you start any cooking this summer, make sure that your hands and all of your surfaces are clean so that your salad is easily ingested by everyone at your gathering.


Pressed Juices

Pressed juices in the raw may seem like the most organic way for you to consume your fruits. However, raw fruits and vegetables aren’t cooked and always run the risk of containing some form of bacteria that could have taken root during production and harvesting.

Wash your fruits, cook your vegetables when possible, and then feel free to juice them or enjoy them in any dish you create this summer.


Raw Kidney Beans

Although beans are known to be a high-protein legume, undercooked kidney beans can cause a severe bout of food poisoning. Kidney beans contain a high amount of the protein phytohaemagglutinin.

Only a few raw kidney beans can leave a person feeling nauseous and rushing to the restroom. Before you serve kidney beans in your next salad, make sure to thoroughly wash your raw beans and boil them for at least 30 minutes.


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